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Join us in a more ecological future

NWB Finland Oy is an innovator selling environmentally friendly containers, production lines and Finnish spring water.

NWB's vision is to become a global trendsetter in its industry.

More information about our products is available in the downloadable materials on this page.

For the last few years the company has focused on product development, technical planning and patents. We are now kickstarting the commercial phase with a new sales team, new contracts as well as our recent acquisiction of Koneikko Oy.

The company is aiming for a revenue of 30 million euro by 2024.

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155 000,00€ invested


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EUR 499.958

Valuation (PM)

EUR 7.700.000

Minimum subscription

EUR 2510,74

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Massive room for growth

The market for drinking water is worth hundreds of billions. Bottled water sold daily has reached 560 million litres so far and the figure is constantly growing.

NWB's first contracts for clients and partners have been signed. Production is set to start during this year. 

The company is aiming to sign deals with the largest global vendors in the near future. Active sales activities are set to start via agents this year.

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Jukka Huikari

Board member, shareholder

+358 45 123 63 90

Jukka handles our investment activities. Contact Jukka to discuss your investment opportunity at NWB Finland Oy.

Jukka handles our investor relations.

Heikki Hilpelä

Chief Executive Officer, shareholder

More than 20 years of experience in global beverage
business. Wennerco, Scandinavian Beverage Group,
Altia, Campari, Jack Daniel's etc.

Aki Linnanahde

Board member

Communications Specialist and a media industry professional.

Jonas Tallqvist

Board member, Senior Advisor, shareholder

More than 25 years of experience as a commercial leader in the beverage industry.

Jukka Koivu

Chairman of the board, shareholder

Sales and business manager with over 20 years of experience. Sales
and Marketing Director of Heinon Tukku. Served in management
positions in Rovio.

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